Asset Tracking

Ignorance isn’t bliss. Let us help you to monitor and manage your company assets.

Know what’s in your IT environment

Assets are the most critical element of any business, and with the addition of Asset Tracking, you can enhance your already first class monitoring service even further as Asset Tracking provides the opportunity to create an inventory of your Windows and Mac based devices.

Automated Asset Tracking

• Asset discovery
• Network scan
• Discover and update assets
• Scan assets on the move
• iOS and Android
• Auto configuration
• Control asset lifecycle
• Manage and track all your assets on the move
• Maintain inventory of your hardware & software

Software License Groups and Banned Software

CIT’s Managed Asset Tracking not only discovers which Macs and PC’s are running on your network but can also assist with the detection of software licensing.

To assist with software compliance, overused licenses or banned applications can be detected and reported according to company policies.

“We no longer have to send people onsite to take an inventory. It’s impossible to quantify exactly how much time and overhead that eliminates.”