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SquirrelArk delivers data protection to meet today’s demands. It keeps your business running, protecting your workload, scaling without limits and saving you money.

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Backup Sets

We believe you should have the choice on how you backup your data but not all files require the same level of protection. SquirrelArk gives you the ability to create backup sets so that you can hand-pick and prioritise what files go where and how often.


Pick how many versions of your files you want to keep and how long you keep them. Whether it's for the last 60 backup jobs, 6 months or several years, choosing the right retention for your business is entirely your decision.

Deleted File Protection

We'll keep your files forever if that's what you prefer. No matter how much times passes, you can always dig out your deleted items. Reduce the anxiety of accidental deletion by making the best use of this option.



It's absolutely essential to stay in the know when it comes to backup reporting. It's extremely easy to check the backup history from either the software client, online backup dashboard or the daily reports delivered direct to your inbox.

Centralised Administration

Use the browser-based administration console to view, manage and monitor your entire SquirrelArk backup environment. View the backup features and settings for all of your devices in one centralised place.

Continuous Cloud Backups

Choose the continuous backup feature for critical data providing non-stop backup protection to the cloud. You can capture incremental changes as often as every five minutes without having to stop what you're doing.


External Drive Backup

SquirrelArk allows you to backup the data from external hard drives. In addition, it works the other way around too - keep a local backup of your data, stored safely on an external drive as well as in the cloud. This offers incredible flexibility.

Flexible Management

Choose which files to backup, schedule how often to run it, send the data to either local or cloud destinations for full imaging, incremental or custom backup types - a huge number of possibilities at your disposal.

Try and Decide

Unsure if SquirrelArk is right for you? We offer a free no obligation 30 day trial of all of our backup editions and services. Just click on the 'try for free' button on this page to learn more.

Dual Backup Destinations


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It's Local

Do you own an external hard drive? This is the fastest way to backup your data. You don't even have to rely on the internet for this option.

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It's Online

Backup your data offsite and ensure it's stored in another location. No swapping tapes or media every night. Backup everything or just a few files - it's entirely up to you.