We've been delivering technology to classrooms since 2005 and have helped countless educational establishments integrate Mac, PC's, iPads and specialised software throughout their workflow. The CIT (UK) Education team visit, advise and work closely with schools and colleges just like yours. Wherever you are on your technology journey they can share their experience and knowledge with you.

Apple Deployment

We want every aspect of your school’s experience with Apple products to be as simple and intuitive as the products themselves. That starts with support for IT in each step of your deployment. You can quickly create accounts, wirelessly set up devices, distribute content and enable teachers in the classroom.

Struggling to juggle the demands of teaching and IT? Good news: we offer simple support to primary schools for just £999 a year. We can support your Apple technology while you stay focused on achieving your teaching and learning goals. We work with many schools across the Midlands region and are experts in making the most of creative IT in primary classrooms, digital classrooms and learning hubs, and our team includes former teachers as well as techs, so we're always in tune with your teaching and learning goals. Plus, we're using our nationwide coverage to build a community for schools in every area so you can keep up on new releases and best practices from other schools.


WiFi & Networking

It’s usually the iPad devices and other creative technology that get all the plaudits for their teaching and learning benefits, but the real unsung heroes work behind the scenes. We’re talking about WiFi, networking, servers and storage.

They might not be the most exciting aspect of your tech, but without them, you’re going to struggle to support a large device deployment. And while you may have a Dependable Dave you can rely on to handle your IT, when it comes to more complex WiFi setups, you may find yourself in need of a networking expert. Luckily we provide solutions to ensure your WiFi and network are up to scratch, and you’re backed up with reliable storage.



Creativity software


Whether you’re looking to give staff and students the basic video, audio and photo editing tools and skills to create exciting multimedia projects like posters, slideshows and podcasts without the fuss, or want more advanced editing skills to give students a leg-up in further education and beyond, we can provide you with both easy to use software essentials, and industry-standard multimedia software.

Every new Mac comes with Apple’s suite of easy to use multimedia tools bundled in free. This includes: GarageBand, the music-making app for recording and mixing audio, creating video soundtracks and recording podcasts; iMovie, which lets students import, edit and add effects to footage by simply dragging and dropping; iPhoto, for uploading, editing and sharing photos. These intuitive tools are great as they let students get editing with just a few pointers, rather than a whole lesson’s explanation, but if you want to step it up a notch, you could look at Apple’s Logic and Final Cut Pro too for professional audio and video editing.

Adobe is the watchword in creative software, developing household names such as Photoshop for creating and editing imagery, Premiere Pro for video editing and InDesign for laying out pages to create pro-looking brochures and magazines in class. Their software is available as part of Adobe Creative Cloud through Adobe’s Value Incentive Plan (VIP). This is a subscription-based buying programme that makes it easy for your institution to purchase, deploy and manage Adobe licences. Whether you just need a single Adobe application, or the All Apps package, you can just download the desktop apps you need. We can even arrange training for staff on all Adobe apps.

Avid produce some of the best media software that education institutions can buy, including the Media Composer video editor, Pro Tools professional recording system, and Sibelius music composing software. These are great on their own for secondary level usage, but if you want to give students experience with professional-level workflows and help them get a foothold in the creative industries when they graduate, we recommend full Avid setups. As well as getting your students used to working with hardware and software they’d find in professional environments, Avid’s systems make it easier for your staff and technical team to offer a complete professional workflow, from ingesting footage to organising how files are stored.

Apple in schools