Data Recovery

Go Straight to the Experts-from deleted files to volume directory issues or a pending drive failure, our Service Centre has all of the necessary tools to salvage and recover your missing files. However sometimes the issue can be more serious and as a Kroll Ontrack Authorised Partner we will give you the best possible outcome for your data recovery.

Take Immediate Action!

If you have experienced a storage media failure contact our Data Recovery team as soon as possible. Attempts to extract data without the services of a professional data recovery company often lead to additional hardware damage, causing the data on the storage media to be irretrievable.

Data Recovery Services

We specialise in the recovery of tape, SSD,
flash drive, mobile device and hard drive media.
CIT (UK) has solutions for all types of storage
systems from laptops and desktops to complex
virtual infrastructures or archive storage systems.



Data Recovery Quotation

In the event of data loss we can help you to recover your critical files. Simply click here and complete the form. One of our Recovery specialists will be in touch shortly. Please be as detailed as possible in your description, since this information is used to assess your data loss and determine the best solution for you.