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CIT (UK) announced today that it’s adding Cloud Backup File Protection for all workstations covered under the Premium Black and Signature support plans. SquirrelArk cloud backup safeguards your files from disasters such as file corruption, accidental deletion, theft, viruses and hardware failure. SquirrelArk backs up your files to the Cloud (as an off-site backup) so you’ll never have to worry about losing them. With the Premium Black Support Plan, every workstation (Mac or PC) is issued with a free license and 50GB of storage per machine. The new service feature will be introduced to all renewed support plans from January 1st 2021.

For businesses who don’t currently have one of our premium support plans, CIT (UK) offers the backup protection as a service which can be purchased separately. To learn more about this amazing product please click here.

Tailored Support for Business Large or Small

Unlike our competitors we provide comprehensive support to both Mac and PC users. Our Support Plans are designed to help you use Mac, PC, and your Mobile Devices to improve the way your business runs. We’ll set up your new PC or Apple products, help your employees to get the most out of them, and make sure everything stays working with dedicated support. Our Black and Signature Support Plans include unlimited on-site time and a more hands on approach so you can concentrate on doing what you do best – running your business. To learn more about our support plans, please click here.